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Holiday Smoothie

This week in class, we made holiday colored smoothies. Fruit smoothies with a handful of spinach. We used frozen fruit rather than ice to keep our smoothies as flavorful as possible. The kids were dubious about the spinach at first, but they couldn’t taste it once everything was blended together. A great way to get […]

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Baked Oat Cups

Last week in the kitchen, we made Baked Oat Cups.  In our classes, we practiced measuring ingredients, whisking, stirring and scooping.  While these slightly sweet baked goodies cooked, we played Fruit & Vegetable Bingo.  We learned why blueberries are called star berries, and we talked about why we should eat plants (because they make us feel […]

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What’s in Your Eggs?

Easter eggs are not just for candy and trinkets.  My son has his assigned snack day tomorrow at his preschool.  The kids will be getting one of these plastic Easter eggs filled with 4 cubes of cheese.  We are also bringing popcorn to go alongside this cheese snack! Make Easter fun and nutritious! You can […]

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