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Tiny Chef Class – Preschool

In this class, Tiny Chefs will learn kitchen safety and cooking skills like whisking, measuring, mixing, chopping, and more.  We welcome kids that are more selective, and not as willing to try new foods.  In fact, this class will be perfect for them because kids are more likely to eat what they make themselves!  Our recipes include fresh ingredients like colorful fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.  Its never too early to get your kids in the kitchen creating!

This is a 6 week session, starting on September 12th.

*Class must have atleast 5 kids to make. Tell your friends!


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Lunchtime Cooking Class (Homeschool class)

In this cooking class, designed for kids in homeschool, we are going to inspire & equip them with the knowledge to get in the kitchen at home! We will prepare & cook a meal together each week.  After breaking down our recipes and learning proper measuring, chopping, combining, whisking, & cooking methods, we will end the class with a lunchtime meal to share.  Recipes in this class are meant to be recreated at home for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the family.  On the last day of class, we will invite the parents in for the last 30 minutes of class to serve lunch to!

Ages 5-11 

About our cooking classes:

This cooking class is designed for your child to learn cooking and baking techniques and tips over the course of this program. Whether your child is just starting out in the kitchen or is more advanced, these small chef led classes will be tailored so that your child can learn and develop the life long skill of cooking.  The tuition price includes a Kids Kitchen T-Shirt!

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