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Senior Chef Class

In this Senior Chef Class, each week the Chefs will be challenged with a new recipe to complete.  In the end they will develop their own recipe; based on what they have learned through the session. As a class, we will vote on which recipe(s) to make on the last day of class.  

Recipes include entrees, sides, vegetable dishes, salads, breakfast & snack ideas, and feature in-season ingredients, fresh produce, no artificial flavors or colors, and are kid & adult approved!

Senior Chefs: Ages 10 & up

This is a 7 week session. There will be another 6 week session immediately following.


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Tiny Chef Class – Preschool

In this class, Tiny Chefs will learn kitchen safety and cooking skills like whisking, measuring, mixing, chopping, and more.  We welcome kids that are more selective, and not as willing to try new foods.  In fact, this class will be perfect for them because kids are more likely to eat what they make themselves!  Our recipes include fresh ingredients like colorful fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.  Its never too early to get your kids in the kitchen creating!

This is a 6 week session, starting on September 12th.

*Class must have atleast 5 kids to make. Tell your friends!


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Mexican Chocolate Cookies Baking

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

These winter months are a perfect time to be exploring kitchen science.  Kids Kitchen Instructor, Paige led Gateway Elementary students though a process of discovery by demonstrating how cooking changes the properties of food. Using a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies which is safe to eat both raw or cooked, students sampled the cookies […]

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes

Celebrate fall in your mouth with our Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes! A sweet tribute to our change of season, these satisfying pancakes are made with whole wheat flour, pumpkin, and sweetened only by the chocolate chips. Here in the Kids Kitchen, our Jr. Chefs were intrigued by the texture and smells as they mixed the […]

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Addie Abohosh

Toasty Cauliflower Popcorn

This week in cooking class, our recipe is a GOOD one! Simple. Fast. Easy. Few Ingredients. Highly Nutritious. Satisfying. Yummy. We call it Cauliflower Popcorn also known as Roasted Cauliflower. Kids in class loved tasting the raw veggie while pulling it apart in small pieces before it even went in the oven.  Once it was […]

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