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The Chefs Club Spring 2018

The Chefs Club – 9 week session

In this Chefs Club class, we will start as Apprentice Cooks, and work our way up the kitchen ladder, to more advanced titles like Pantry Chef, Vegetable Chef, Pastry Chef and more!

Your cook will gain vast culinary knowledge, try new recipes, AND receive kitchen tools and gifts each week.  Chefs Club apron, Chefs Jacket, Chefs Hat, buttons, whisk, knife, spreader, pizza cutter, measuring utensils, T-shirt, Recipe cards, and weekly activity cards to do at home, and much more!  

Because each child will be able to work individually, and as part of our class group, this class is open to ages 8 and up.

*This class has higher tuition than other weekly classes because of what your child will receive in knowledge and tangible tools and gifts.


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Chefs Club

Chefs Club – Powered By Kids Kitchen

Do you have an aspiring cook at home who loves to get creative in the kitchen? Would you like your children to help out with dinner every now and then? With our Chefs Club online cooking program, kids and teens will not only be able to help out with some of the cooking at home but […]

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