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egg flowers

Spring Egg Flowers

Consider these Spring Egg Flowers when looking for a creative way to bring another vegetable serving to the table.   At home and at Kids Kitchen, kids are more receptive when they take part in the cooking process.   You can use this simple recipe to help boost your kids’ confidence in the kitchen, as well […]

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confetti fried rice

Confetti Fried Rice

This week in Kids Kitchen, we made Confetti Fried Rice (recipe attached)!  This is what one our instructors, Paige, had to say about this recipe: We diced carrots, celery, and bell peppers.  We grated ginger and learned how to smash and press garlic. As we worked, a few kids announced they were NOT going to eat […]

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2017 Best Places to Eat Austin AFBA City Guide - 800x350

Austin’s Best Brussel Sprouts – Austin City Guide

Get inspired by this Best Brussels Sprouts in Austin list!  You’ll never grow bored of this hearty healthful vegetable with these flavor variations.  After exploring brussels sprout dishes around town and consulting friends with gifted palates, below is a list of our TOP NINE.   For more reviews of the BEST in Austin visit the Austin 2017 City […]

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Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts, A Favorite Winter Vegetable?

Let’s celebrate nature’s spectacular design with brussels sprouts! I understand from reading a lot about food that people either love brussels sprouts, or they strongly do not.  I would like to advocate for this amazing vegetable.  It is my hope that if you already love them, you will eat more.  And if you have not […]

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