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It’s a Cherry Hot Giveaway!

Inspired by the heat.  Or maybe all the cherries we have been eating…..and berries. Move over grapes, apples, and bananas.  Blueberries, strawberries, and cherries are in town! Tell all your friends, anyone that will listen about this giveaway… If you win, you will get this adorable cherry/berry collander (perfect for little hands), cherry and olive pit remover by […]

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Food Art

FOOD ART Create art with your food.  These artichoke candle holders were a gift from a friend, and they are a favorite of mine.  The color of green is perfect for my kitchen and home.  I keep this black bowl full of fresh fruit. The bright colors that fruits and vegetables come in provide pure […]

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7/4/11 Fourth of July Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos have become a traditional meal when we visit Rockport.  For our Fourth of July celebration meal, instead of hamburgers and hot dogs, we will blacken fresh redfish, trout, and black bass. Blackened fish…the way we do it.  Coat the fish liberally in canola oil.  (Hubby used to butter until we tested with oil, […]

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6/15/11 Welcome to The Kids Kitchen

I am so glad all of you are here to follow The Kids Kitchen. In January 2010, I started food blogging at Treats and Feasts. I really have always loved it, even though I have been absent with it lately. This year, I am launching ‘the kids kitchen’ and have high hopes of more regular […]

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