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6/15/11 Welcome to The Kids Kitchen

I am so glad all of you are here to follow The Kids Kitchen.
In January 2010, I started food blogging at Treats and Feasts. I really have always loved it, even though I have been absent with it lately. This year, I am launching ‘the kids kitchen’ and have high hopes of more regular blogging to help all families with simplier, healthier meal and snack time. I have a lot of great tips coming your way, stay tuned! So excited to share!
Things to look out for:
Summer Salad Saturdays (continued from last summer)
Kids Cook Series
Favorite Kids Cookbooks
the kids kitchen CAMP
To read older posts from my other blog, go here:

One Response to 6/15/11 Welcome to The Kids Kitchen

  1. April Interiors 07-25-2011 at 1:05 PM #

    The only camp Bella wants to do this summer is the Kids Kitchen CAMP! She is so excited to learn more fun ways to make fun and healthy food. Last year’s sweet potato butterfly waffles were one of her favorites! Can’t wait to see the fun and creative things you come up with this year!